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Big Data Scientist & Developer

Video is moving rapidly away from the static mass viewing experience it once was. Today's fragmented audience requires a much more engaging, personal dialogue with individual viewers in the ways that they demand --- at their convenience, on their chosen device, and under their control.

Unleashing the full potential of our technology involves creating a feedback loop between the experience layer in Movi Player and our unique insights from user engagement and focus of attention. And deliver smarter content placement and presentation strategies to amplify our customers business goals.

This is where you come in:

Currently Movi Players collect a number of unique data points on attention and engagement which we process with imagery data using computer vision and AI. This is presented to our customers in a web portal presenting user and content insights from key perspectives.

Building out this role and team we are looking for an expert big data scientist who also possesses expert big data development skills.

To further develop our big data based technology and products in close collaboration with cross functional teams. Ultimately delivering amplified value add to our customers and touch points of Movi.

You will be a key contributor to the backend team while coordinating with the client team and product leadership based on a clearly defined strategy communicated with roadmaps available for the team to execute on.

We see you working strategically, tactically and hands-on. Creating architecture, writing code, implementing features and supporting systems, and managing and developing people and work processes in the big data development team.

You will be part of the backend team and report to the CTO, while at the same time working closely with the core team in Oslo & globally.

Personal Traits

  • Self driven, and can manage and participate effectively in projects and teams of various sizes and compositions.
  • Creative and Agile, and are able to find solutions where others see blockers.
  • Naturally motivated by creating products and technology for other developers and product owners to thrive.
  • Deeply interested, and up to date in your realm of expertise.

We appreciate smart passionate people which also acknowledge that our product, service and value offering will only be as good as the team involved in developing them. That's why we need the best.

Professional Expertise

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Developing architecture, design and implementation of big data services
  • Implementation and languages used in the following Azure services:
    • Azure Event Hubs
    • Azure Stream Analytics
    • Azure Synapse Analytics
    • Azure Machine Learning
    • Azure Storage
    • Azure Cosmos DB
    • Azure Databricks

We're looking forward to hearing from you, please share a few words and your experience, we look forward to hear from you o/

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15 January 2021
15 January 2021
15 January 2021