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Why work at Movi?

We have created a new technology - video you can touch, feel and play video - Just by using your fingers. Opening a new world of transactions in video - and totally new attention and engagement insights.

We’re commercially live with revenue from several customers and have a healthy customer pipeline. Now we are ready to start ramping up our global operations to realize our vision of becoming the middleware for active mobile video.

We empower anyone with the freedom to explore and interact with wonderful stories and inspirational moments in a new and exciting way. We are always guided by making the most fantastic end-user experience, with a core belief in creative freedom for you and me to create our own realities, with our creative minds and our fingers.

The future mobile video market is mainly driven by new use-cases for video, leveraging in-video transactions, especially for mobile e-commerce and remote learning. In 2021 the global mobile e-commerce market is estimated to reach a staggering $3.5 Trillion.

Video is moving rapidly away from the static mass viewing experience it once was. Today’s fragmented audience requires a much more engaging, personal dialogue with individual viewers in the ways that they demand — at their convenience, on their chosen device, and under their control. That’s where we and you come in:

Why Movi?

  • We have a huge vision. Movi is a company with big ideas. We’re headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and just like our viking forefathers, we want to conquer the world and build an international team capable of taking on the challenge. We strive to build on our culture of flat hierarchies, with clear structures and a pure mission focus - no fundamentalism. We have developed a product that will have a revolutionary impact on how we all view and interact with video. Our customers are looking to us to help them reach their business targets through new possibilities with Movi and active video.
  • We care about you. Movi works hard to create a positive environment for our employees, and we think your life outside of work is important too. We support our team with great benefits like generous parental leave, 5 weeks vacation, company options, insurance, pension, and a worldwide work environment of experts.
  • We are supportive. Growing and developing our team matters to us. We are committed to being a company where our employees feel comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work and have the ability to be successful — every day.
  • We are empowering. Movi is only as good as our team believes it can be, and realize it can actually become the best…together. We want you to build your own castles where you’re the expert of your realm. We strive to provide you the best tools you need to create your vision along with the resources and backing to accomplish anything.
  • We have fun. At Movi we solve difficult impactful problems that result in never before imagined products. We have lasers, flying signing pens and arrange hackathons where you get to show your stuff along with other like minded individuals. You’re welcome to bring your retro game consoles for tournaments and hard core speed runs just for fun.

We’re always looking for dedicated, sharp, and creative people to join the Movi team.

Have a look at our current openings and if you see something that you feel excited about, we would love to hear from you.

Please reach out to any Movi team member!

15 January 2021
15 January 2021
15 January 2021