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Movi and Pawel Brothers announce partnership

Movi and Pawel Brothers Pvt Ltd have signed a reseller and partnership agreement whereby Pawel Brothers will start reselling and using the Movi mobile video solution in fast growing Sri Lankan market.

We are happy to partner with Movi, which provides a superior video experience with mobile devices, which will help our customers to build superior video experiences e.g. for learning on mobile based on touching, feeling and hands on playing the videos.

Mr. Gayan Sanjaya, of Pawel Brothers commenting on the partnership.

Movi’s active video player is built specifically for modern smart devices enabling developers to fully utilize the capabilities of modern touch based smartphones. With the Movi player end-users are able to touch, feel and play videos in real time with their fingers; zoom in & out, play videos in super slow-motion, frame by frame, get into all the details and interact with video specific overlays enabling transactions seamlessly in the playback experience. Content publishers also get unique insights into what people are actually doing with the video content to optimize video performance and experience.

Pawel Brothers is a perfect partner for Movi with their extensive network in the fast growing Sri Lankan market as well as their own plans for mobile video based service offering. Together we can now offer a superior client side experience and a new world of unique insights, affordable and available for any size of video learning and commerce developer and publisher.

Mr Lars-Erik Ravn, CEO of Movi commenting on the partnership.

About Movi

Movi is the world’s first and most powerful active video player. A native cross platform technology stack built specifically for mobile capabilities, interaction model and audience. True active video enables the application layer to merge with the video player. Enabling you to build what you can imagine or choose from a selection of ready to go core use-cases like shopping, viral sharing and learning.

Movi players collect insights to generate a deep understanding between audience behavior in contextual relationship to the video content. Movi enables you to easily create powerful queries to build out your personal dashboards and reach ever higher business goals while reducing workload by automating production and distribution.

Learn more about Movi:

About Pawel Brothers

A leading solution provider for Institute Management Systems in Sri Lanka recently launched its Video based online learning platform via

Team at Pawel Brothers are experts in providing customized software solutions and infrastructure for educational institutes at any scale

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