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Singapore Video Technology Community - Live

The global video tech meetups are non-commercial community events focusing on the technical aspects of online video, hosted all around the world. From San Francisco to Sydney, Oslo to Tokyo to mention a few, and rapidly expanding. And now we are excited to have the very first ever video tech meetup in Singapore.

Since we joined the San Francisco video tech community in 2015, we have been fortunate to meet, befriend, share knowledge and learn with the pioneers of online video. Being part of this community has greatly helped us understand what everyone’s working on and what needs to be fixed to help the technology evolve. Since then we have been eagerly helping out wherever and however we can. By organising, speaking and participating in the community to share our and the community's insights, learning and experiences.

Over the years we have met so many smart online video pioneers in Singapore, building tomorrow’s video solutions and companies. Now that we are part of Nordic Innovation House Singapore we have an opportunity to help. We want to enable a place and community where you can safely share knowledge, ideas, experiences and insights with likeminded video techies.

This is what the Singapore Video Technology Meetup is all about. We are already counting more than a 120 members and it’s thrilling to see this level of interest and look forward to have you onboard the team to keep building and growing our community.

Today we announce the very first Singapore Video Tech Meetup. April 2nd, 2019 - in Rakuten's offices, 138 Market Street - Level 29.

We look forward to meet you all o/

Please head over here for full agenda, and sign-up for the event.

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