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Journey Movi'n forward

It was a dark & cold early December morning in Helsinki back in 2017. I got a call & was asked if I would be interested to work with a Norwegian video start up: they are looking for fresh ideas & enforcing their Board of Directors with commercial competencies. Didn’t get the name of the company in the first call, nor demo or any other material. But as some of you know me very well, I just cannot say no to a good challenge. And it sounded so interesting I just had to see what’s in there: I was told these guys will revolutionise the mobile video industry! So yes, I want to discuss this further. Any chance getting any material about the company, or better yet, see a demo?

So a few weeks & phone calls later I had the first video call with the co-founder & CEO of Movi, Lars-Erik. I was blown away with the solution: the player is exactly how the video players in smartphones should be & related AI based behavioural insights was just amazing! Reminded me of the reactions I had when I left Nokia in 2010 and got myself brand new iPhone 4s (after Nokia E71): this is how it should have always been!

And most importantly, we had good chemistry with Lars-Erik, saw things in similar manner & agreed on the future direction too. All good to move forward with me then!

Officially I joined Movi Board after all the paperwork & red tape was completed in February/March 2018. The real journey started with a two-day workshop with Lars-Erik & CTO/co-founder Espen in Oslo and met the whole very impressive & talented team behind the solution. I was excited like a small kid in a toy store!

What has been really interesting to notice that even though Movi was very different to our FWD solution (my day job then), including the customers, the challenges Movi was facing in early days of it’s global go-to-market journey were exactly same we faced at FWD. So I was able to utilise the rather fresh experience for the benefit of Movi. Hopefully also avoiding some of the problems getting bigger, thus getting to results faster.

From thereon I’ve been working very closely with Movi management. Been a more proactive Board member than typical. And I believe that is exactly how Board members for start ups should always be: after all, they are always short on resources & all extra hands are needed on deck to make the project work & eventually to a commercial success. Which in Movi’s case means: global domination of the mobile video market!

So this is my second year with Movi. A lot of hard work & progress behind and ahead. Many things have happened, both negative and positive, fortunately mainly positive though. And the negatives have been “good negatives”: we have learned from them & will ensure same mistakes will not be repeated. And I’m really excited to see what the second year brings along: many changes, improvements and: GROWTH!

P.S. This was supposed to be just my intro in this Movi blog. As it happened, I have also an announcement to make: we have agreed that as of 31.5.2019, I will resign from the Movi Board of Directors & start immediately as the Chief Sales Officer! Really looking forward to this, getting my hands properly dirty with Movi & doing what I love the most: selling & meeting new people in new settings around the world. Just do it!

So, I will be coming back to this blog (should actually be vlog) with stories around the world on mobile video, stay tuned!

Cheers, Harry

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