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Active Video Apps with No Code

Today Movi and Choicely announce a strategic partnership.

Movi, the creator of world’s first & only true active video solution and Choicely, the creator of world’s smoothest native, no-code app builder platform signed a cooperation agreement. A cooperation to jointly provide unique value add to our customers: updating or creating state of the art mobile apps in no time with video capabilities that will open completely new business & revenue opportunities.

Many of our customers are looking for ways to better monetize the mobile video opportunity & are looking for ways to differentiate in the crowded mobile app landscape. This cooperation with Movi enables us to provide Movi’s active video solution to our customers in a turn key mode.

Said Mr Kaius Meskanen, CEO of Choicely, commenting on the partnership.

Choicely is a perfect partner for Movi with their platform for no-code native mobile apps. Something many of our customers have been asking from us to help with. Together we can now offer rapid time to market with Movi video SDK readily embedded to the app.

Said Mr Lars-Erik Ravn, CEO of Movi, commenting on the partnership.

About Movi

Movi is the world’s first and most powerful active video player. A native cross platform technology stack built specifically for mobile capabilities, interaction model and audience.True active video enables the application layer to merge with the video player. Enabling you to build what you can imagine, or choose from a selection of ready to go core use-cases like shopping, viral sharing and learning.

Movi players collect insights to generate a deep understanding between audience behaviour in contextual relationship to the video content. Movi enables you to easily create powerful queries to build out your personal dashboards, and reach ever higher business goals while reducing workload by automating production and distribution.

Learn more about Movi:

About Choicely

Choicely is a codeless app development platform that enables building high quality native apps. Choicely Studio publishing tool provides a visual, easy-to-use drag & drop builder for building apps - no coding skills needed. The platform enables building apps with extensive native features, and dropping in any web-based features as web views. The platform also enables integrating content from social medias and video platforms. Choicely platform is used for example by businesses in media, sports, entertainment, e-commerce and resorts.

Choicely app builder enables kick-starting app projects in a few workshops, and cuts project-based budgets of building multi-feature apps from 6-figures to an affordable monthly PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) model. This way businesses can go live using a comprehensive feature set, using Choicely Studio publishing tools to manage the app and content in real time. Any custom native feature can be developed and added to Choicely apps.

Learn more about Choicely:

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