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Movi deepens cooperation with Laursen Van Swieten

28 July 2021: Movi and Laursen van Swieten (“LvS”) expanded their partnership effective per 1 August 2021. In accordance with the new partnership, LvS Partners will, in addition to placing an investment in Movi, further drive the expansion and distribution of Movi’s mobile video platform forward into the Chinese market with increased resources and efforts.

“We have been working with Movi since 2019 and are happy to take this next step in China. We see great traction and further growth opportunities for Movi’s innovative mobile video platform in the Chinese market. A platform which enables a mobile-first, video first experience, monetization boost and unique deep insights to audiences’ attention and engagement.” says Mr Nick Laursen, Managing Partner of LvS.

Movi’s video player technology is built specifically around touch. Touch is the main way people interact with their phones. Touch interaction needs to feel natural and smooth. With the Movi Player, end-users can touch, play and create videos in real-time with their fingers; zoom in & out, play videos in super slow-motion, frame by frame, get into all the details and interact with video-specific call to actions enabling transactions seamlessly in the playback experience. A rich set of touch-based interactions that also opens up a new world for end-viewer tracking and data analytics through Movi’s Deep Insights. Users can even create new videos from what they watch, in real-time. Enabling a social content marketing loop.

Movi’s unique touch interface opens a new world of opportunities for businesses, developers, and publishers to design new, fun and more valuable video experiences. These experiences can then be shared with the ever growing mobile audience. People of all ages are eager to explore video and interact with the content, through a natural touch approach. The backside of Movi’s software provides the content publisher with unique insights into what people are doing with the video content, which helps them to optimize video performance, experience, and strategy.

“LvS is a perfect partner for Movi with their extensive network in the world’s largest mobile first market: China. In addition to a solid portfolio of mobile and video-based technology, we strongly believe LvS will be able to further expand Movi’s distribution and commercial unit in China with their expertise, team and resources.” says Mr Lars-Erik Ravn, CEO of Movi.

About Movi |

Movi is the world’s first and most powerful active video player. A native cross-platform technology stack built specifically for mobile capabilities, interaction model and audience. True active video enables the application layer to merge with the video player. This enables the users to build what they can imagine or choose from a selection of ready to go core use-cases such as shopping, viral sharing and learning.

The Movi Player collects insights to generate a deep understanding between audience behavior in contextual relationship to the video content. Movi enables content publishers to easily create powerful queries to build out their personal dashboards and reach ever higher business goals while reducing workload by automating content production and distribution.

About LvS |

The novel investment firm Laursen van Swieten carries a mission to open and grow the lucrative Chinese markets to Western companies.

Laursen van Swieten actively invests in promising high-tech companies and activates both capital and essential local human resources and operational management to effectively invoke an experienced and skilled “boots on the ground”-approach in order to secure a reliable and successful business expansion into China.

With a partnership-based China Expansion strategy, Laursen van Swieten shares both risk and success with target companies and bridges the gap between Western technology as well as services, and the growing B2B markets in China and Asia.

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