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Movi Pioneer Program - Enter the future of video

Making video creatively interactive and playful. We are opening a world of creative playback. We are opening a world where we can freely touch, feel and play any moment in motion. Any video - any moment in time - becomes suddenly alive: Free to explore, understand, learn and play. Free to creatively control, direct and play using your fingertips. The video canvas, the moment in time - this is where creative freedom needs to be unleashed.

Since we first started building better video with Movi in 2014, we have been fortunate to meet, befriend, share knowledge and learn with the pioneers of online video. Being part of the global video tech community has greatly helped us understand what everyone’s working on and what needs to be fixed in order to make video alive. How to break down the barrier and perception that video is a passive experience. And how to make next generation video experiences available to everyone.

Since then we have been working hard at building the core player technology needed to make such a change happen. The current video players are made for a soon gone era - where click to passively play was the only possible way.

We aspired to enable a full creative canvas - with the core capabilities and performance needed to support real time interactive playback, interactive 3D graphics, filters and rich media, it made most sense to write everything from scratch.

We are thrilled to finally share with you all what we have been created. Movi Player is the incarnation of our vision to make video feel fantastic for every developer and product owner. We crafted a player specifically to enable creatively interactive playback - cross platform - superior performance - and available for anyone - no fuzz - but a totally new dimension of video experiences. And we’ve made sure you do not have to do any complex stuff to use Movi. Simply update your player component in your product from standard native player - to Movi Player. Movi Player is a drop-in player library to upgrade your existing video player component, like ExoPlayer on Android or AVPlayer on iOS. Available on native iOS and Android, in addition to wrappers for Kotlin, Swift, React Native, Unity3D. Naturally built on common patterns and practices to work as both a full stack player or as a render component in your own player component.

At the same time we launch Movi Pioneer Program. It is a partnership where we offer you, a video technology pioneer, an exclusive early access to Movi - everything included. And we support that with hands on live support and best practices . In essence, we are committed to making all our Pioneers successful with Movi Player. All we expect in return is your thoughts and feedback from using Movi. In exchange for your active feedback on the Movi Player and our services, we offer you free use of Movi Player. In addition to your exclusive Movi Player license, during the program you will also get first access to all new things Movi, best practices and personal support.

You’ll be our co-pilot, helping to shape our work and efforts to make sure we always add more value to your video product and service.

Head over here to learn more and join the Movi Pioneer Program now.

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