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New opportunities with Movi Player SDK

Lately we've been working with selected companies in the booming mobile video market.

Movi enables these companies to differentiate themselves and become market innovators delivering true interactive video experiences.

Our partners are at the forefront of video experience innovation in the following markets:


Most sports apps currently, or will soon feature focused video content. Sports-content usually focuses on high paced and highly emotional moments. Enabling true interactive video to sports-content instantly boosts end-user engagement, attention and enables an emotional connection between the end-user and the content.

VOD and Live streaming services

In order to survive, and stop the churn, existing cable companies of the world have already flipped the switch from set-top boxes and satellite to native mobile. Their PVR is no longer the main source of television and live shows, now the smartphone and their app is. In this new world, offering the best user experience is key. This of course includes the most relevant content, but also a rock solid, highly engaging video playback experience, after all, this is their product, and more importantly, their customers.

Media companies invest in tailored native mobile

The media companies of the world have invested heavily on native mobile media experiences for the past decade. Their target audience is shifting from web to mobile at a furious pace. This requires new user experiences, thus offering great opportunities for more tailored, personalised and engaging media products.

Bringing true interactive video to these products, we superpower and future proof the video player, opening a world of new opportunities for product design, engagement, and new ways to monetize the value proposition.


E-learning and edutainment has made new ways of learning accessible for most of the world’s population. Most of these products have been living in a browser, with a deep focus on video. Storytelling in video, and transferring knowledge in person is highly effective. Whether it's learning how to play the guitar, or how to perform a medical procedure - being able to study all the details interactively greatly increases the ability to understand and learn.

The shift to mobile brings new opportunities and challenges to this market. Enabling true interactive video in these products creates new ways to engage with the audience.


The way brands and retailers communicate and convey their stories are quickly shifting to storytelling through video. Physical stores are replaced by branded online stores, e-commerce platforms that are backed by branded mobile video, VR, AR and app experiences. Leveraging true interactive video enables a stronger brand connection and exciting new opportunities to activate shoppers.

These are just a very few of the opportunities in front of us. To date, our feedback and insights confirm our current value proposition and validate our roadmap. We can’t wait to share this with you all and enable you to deliver true interactive video in your current and future products.

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