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Corona - The Great Equalizer

Corona pandemic: the Great Equalizer

We at Movi are in a fortunate situation in a sense that all things mobile & based on video have been growing like there is no tomorrow even during the lock downs. New business opportunities rise, although some segments are suffering, like services focusing on live sports & services being dominantly ad-funded. But it is safe to say that in the post pandemic world, remote, video based capabilities will remain in high demand. Be they entertainment, commerce or learning focused. I.e. right in our alley, good reason to be optimistic for the future.

Being a small start up with limited resources in globally competed markets & far away from the main growth markets has been a challenge for our go-to-market execution: it’s expensive & time consuming to meet f2f with customers. Where bigger competitors have been able to have direct presence from bases closer to customers, we have had to resort to mainly online & remote activities. Not the most efficient or fastest way to close new deals.

All of that changed however with the pandemic & lock downs. All of the sudden everybody has to make do with remote connections. I’ve also noticed that some companies are suffering from this more than others: especially in cases where you have very few star sales juggernauts who have been crisscrossing the world chasing deals. If the sales approach has been based on such, transforming the operations to fit the current state of the world can be painful: re-setting large parts of the sales processes, ways of documenting, communicating & interacting with customers.

For us, the pandemic hasn’t actually meant any change for our sales processes. They were like tailor made for this kind of scenario.

Harry Järn, Chief Sales Officer - Movi

Again for us at Movi, without massive resources, we were building our sales approach on mainly remote activities: building on trusted relationships around the world & utilizing the best cooperation & communication tools available and data driven approach from the very beginning. For us, the pandemic hasn’t actually meant any change for our sales processes. They were like tailor made for this kind of scenario.

So again, I see the current pandemic as a great opportunity to come out stronger. But this is also the time when companies must adapt quickly: those who cannot, will risk their future even if the pandemic would disappear sooner than anticipated. Therefore, it can also serve as the Great Equalizer, enabling smaller challengers to make quantum leaps forward in their respective markets.

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